Health and science communication is all we do. We are passionate about it and we do it very well.

TE+A is one of Australia’s most experienced media consultancies working in the science/health and biotech sectors. With over 30 years experience in science journalism, media training, teaching and media management, the staff at TE+A knows how to get strategic and targeted media coverage for the client, whether you are an academic research institute, a government department, a biotech company or an individual researcher with a story to tell.

TE+A is staffed by senior and award-winning journalists who know how the media works, what stories to pitch and how to get the headlines that companies and institutions need to get noticed. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and San Francisco, TE+A has an enviable reputation with Australian and international media that translates into placing your story where it can get the most effective impact.

TE+A staff have extensive experience in the management of media for national and international conferences, launches and prizes. Again the difference is that we employ science, medical and financial journalists who can read the abstracts, talk to the key speakers, find the major stories and sell them to a wide range of media outlets to promote the meetings – both before and during the event.

A key point of difference between TE+A and other media consultancies, is the commitment to and recognition of the importance of “pushing” after the immediate media intensity has died down. TE+A prides itself on never letting a story go untold, either revisiting it with media down the line, re-pitching it if the research is relevant to breaking news; and developing longer term projects around the research such as features in The Good Weekend and The Weekend Australian.

We also provide media training, crisis management, social media management and advice as well as all your editorial needs – from newsletters to reports, government submissions as well as the writing of opinion pieces that can influence policy and drive debate.

TE+A was founded in 2000 by Tania Ewing, a former scientist, Science Editor for The Age newspaper, Australian correspondent for Nature magazine, a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member of the Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisory Board