As one of Australia’s leading boutique PR agencies, TE+A provides targeted and tailored media strategies for companies, research institutes and government. With acknowledged expertise in the biotech and life sciences industries, it brings over a decade’s worth of experience in achieving financial, trade, scientific and general media coverage for its clients.

Operating since 2000, TE+A is staffed by senior and award-winning journalists who know how the media works, what stories to sell and how to get the headlines that organisations need to get noticed.

The Managing Director and Founder of TE+A, Tania Ewing, is herself a former scientist (MSc in Immunology from the University of Birmingham), a former science journalist (Australian correspondent for Nature magazine for three years, Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Science Editor for The Age newspaper and winner of the Michael Daley Science Journalist of the Year, as well as being on the Prime Minister Science Advisory Board in 1997-1999.

Working exclusively with the life sciences, university, research and biotech sectors, TE+A has worked on major media campaigns such as:

  • National Science Week (Victorian campaigns) since  2004-2015 (total value – $255,000)
  • National Campaign to Raise Awareness of Stem Cell Research in the US in 2011 – for the California Institute for  Regenerative Medicine in San Francisco ($117,000)
  • Launch of the Ovarian Cancer National Strategy 2014 ($26,000)TE+A also worked on the Mission for Biotech by the Victorian Government 2005-7 to United States – managing media for the Premier and Treasurer of Victoria (total value - $143,000).

As a former journalist and scientist, Tania Ewing has the unique ability to sit down with a scientist, source THE story, write the research into a media release/backgrounder and then strategically target that release to gain maximum coverage in the media outlets that matter.

Each member of the consultancy brings a particular area of expertise, enabling clients to deal expertly with all facets of the media whether it’s a campaign launch, media training, production of a DVD/animation or the development of a website.